Secure Transportation

Secure Transportation

We provide a high-quality secure transport service for young people and vulnerable adults. This is a care-centred service tailored to meet the needs of the client and always focuses on dignity and respect. Social workers are welcome to accompany young persons during transportation.


Our Services:


• Young Person Secure Transport Vehicle

• Mental Health Secure Transport Vehicle

• Mobility Service

• Court Transport Service

• Bed Watch Service


Our secure vehicles are modified to ensure all clients experience a calming environment and are specifically designed to meet the needs of the services we provide.




Our Secure Vehicles are Equipped With:

• Safe to keep personal items of value and paperwork secure

• Refrigerator stocked with drinks/snacks for longer journeys

• Xbox, DVD player and 22-inch HD TV

• Tracking systems

• Driver monitoring systems

• Satellite Navigation


Refreshments are always available for the client and meals maybe provided on longer journeys. All vehicles are equipped with first aid boxes, fire extinguishers and childproof locks. There is no access to the driver and windows are tinted to ensure privacy. We are able to provide childrens’ car seats on request.